Documentary wedding photography

It’s all about storytelling. The genre of photography that I specialise in has several different names: documentary wedding photography, wedding photojournalism and reportage wedding photography. This simply means that I tell the story of your wedding day through pictures.

I tell people's stories and consider myself extremely privileged to photograph weddings. Being able to get to know couples and being trusted to record their wedding day is a great part of the job.

What does my job entail as a documentary wedding photographer? Let's say I'm shooting a wedding starting at a house. I like to arrive a little early to introduce myself and put people at ease before I start documenting events. 

My aim is to immerse myself in the celebrations but still remain unobtrusive. It's all about being close - to be able to get a much deeper insight into the wedding day - to hear punchlines - to understand relationships.

I often find myself watching and waiting before I start to capture images. I look for compositions and observe how the light falls. But above all, I observe people's emotions and interactions. 

Documentary wedding photography is all about storytelling. I aim, throughout the day, to weave together a pictorial representation of the events. I'm looking for delicate just as much as high impact moments. An experienced documentary wedding photographer is a storyteller with an natural ability to be in the right place at the right time. 

I still do a few posed images at most weddings, though in a very relaxed style. I won't get you doing anything cheesy or cringeworthy.

Typically, I photograph right up to the first dance, though I can easily stay a little later and my coverage is very flexible.

If you would like to know more about documentary wedding photography, read more about me or any other aspect of my services then please just get in touch.